Liepin CEO Dai Kebin how to move the inactive years into the workplace headhunting fees 90 million

entrepreneur & I dark horse continued to focus on online and offline integration capabilities of the company. They have a lot in common: in the vertical subdivision of the field, in-depth understanding of the relationship between industry users, the establishment of a system, with a strong IT system, business models are heavy enough…… Mobile Internet era, severe vertical will bring inspiration for traditional services.

after Comtech core city, "entrepreneurs" & I horse to bring you another severe vertical case — headhunting network.

was founded in 2006, the hunting hire network, in hunting in June 2011 to abandon the identity of the headhunting company, with free services to promote the growth of high-end business. 3 years later, hunting hire network has become China’s third largest recruitment site, with a registered user of 11 million 400 thousand, of which the proportion of elite industry reached 70%.

how to leverage the most valuable but not active 80% elite? Headhunting network both fight brand indoctrination, and skillfully to search become catfish, even let UGC become the binder content.

live database is based on severe vertical

oral hunting network founder Dai Kebin

I went to Procter & Gamble after graduating from Zhongshan University. Procter & Gamble is willing to train people, I was the fastest way to do brand management positions of college students, the income is quite high. But I soon discovered that it was only four or five years later. In addition, I was the leadership of foreigners, promotion space is limited. At that time, I have a lot of confusion Occupation: if I jump to other Fortune 500 companies have almost certainly left to state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, I do not know what good. I want to build a platform that can help a professional manager like me.

2008, I excitedly start, want to do a similar to the LinkedIn platform for the development of occupation managers. When the financial crisis, no financing, unable to do the Internet, because the Internet burn. That time is very difficult, the company has a lot of problems, pay no rent, what are the costs for me is one of the most suffering in the process, do not know how to walk the road, the most difficult time for the company’s account of negative ten. I borrowed the money from my home, sold the car, raised almost five hundred thousand of the company to survive. At that time, I had only one idea, first let the company live, and then try to find a way. We started doing headhunters.

until 2011, hunting recruits are a headhunter based business company. My original idea is to be an Internet high-tech company, did not expect to make a search company. At that time, the company has fifty or sixty people, a year of income of about 10000000, in addition to the search for the outside of the company, pay rent, wages, the remaining profits are the 20%.

‘s profits are excellent, so there is a huge resistance in transition. These people do not understand, a good resume, the original can sell tens of thousands of dollars, and now more than a dozen dollars to sell out, people think, crazy!