Cover accompaniment nets WO99 rebirth NET domain name replacement wo99 com

renamed China ( September 12th hearing, it is reported that as early as the end of June this year, the suspect suffered as a result of the national "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action, as well as copyright and other issues, and can not access the large domestic music website covers WO99, affecting millions of music lovers heart. Existing sources said, domain name temporarily changed to, the function is gradually restored. After the hardships of the wo99 accompaniment network, and finally a strong return!


figure: WO99 accompaniment network

According to the

@wo99 cover community accompaniment official blog news, "Dear buddies, long! Wo99 finally conquered thousands of hard, opened, welcome home", and attach the domain name link. Currently visit the official website of the domain name, still unable to visit, and jump to the 114 navigation site. "China Whois query information that the domain name is clientHold


micro-blog information

at that time, China original music base 5sing, WO99 website has been closed cover accompaniment, netizens have expressed a desire to return to this website. It is understood that, as early as WO99 customers to open soon, the official blog said, "for some reason, the domain name wo99 to temporarily stop parsing, are actively facing and solving problems, please wait patiently, wo99 will not leave will be back!"

now, 5sing network by cool dog, enabled domain name full blood resurrection. In the accompaniment of the site’s far ahead of the WO99, but also the replacement of the new domain name rebirth". It is understood that the WO99 accompaniment network over 500 thousand visits, more than five million registered members. At present, the website still further improved, although the WO99 comeback, but has yet to "save" the original official domain name