Everywhere is the saliva battle who laughs last

      Chengdu people have a hobby, many small things are people around, so the red spot, the television station smiled. This should be just inside the slobber battle boring tool to pass the time, but there are so boring mahjong, who changed the way of boring.

      now China’s Internet users on the million, boring people do not play mahjong began to surf the Internet, so engage in the network of laughter, but the smile is to get the money, did not get the money how to do? Since the boring people are born love fun, love slobber battle, let them play “`
      the false positive anti-virus software, really suffer not got the money, to let people be boring enough slobber addiction, public opinion pressure up. That is not good, please the dogs barking, already has a chaotic situation by a dog around, nobody throws are pulled out, Norton was out of things, it makes is making it into Kaba and rising to bite, everywhere is the gunman, everywhere slobber Xingzi, who is laughing?
    from time to time there have been rumors do online media, he said there had an accident, and that a dog has nothing to do with his, ah, then everybody follow up, do online media people laugh “
    do all full-time copy group, who originally Aguirre help them do enough, copy do people laugh “`
    boring people do not matter, since there is such a good thing as they spat out and scold, boring people of no importance. Smile “`   

      who laughs last? I thought of word of mouth marketing