Daily topics because of policy issues four U S drama shelf Youku TV Sohu from dream to be broken

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 28th news recently, many video sites in the U.S. drama frame, the page is displayed on the shelf because the policy can not provide reasons to watch". The shelves of U.S. drama include 4 parts, respectively is the "Big Bang", "good wife", "NCIS" and "the practice".

SARFT issued regulations

under the framework of the reasons and did not specify, but because of policy reasons. As early as mid March SARFT issued to strengthen the network drama, micro film and other audio-visual programs and broadcast content audit agency new regulations, that first aired again review, thorough investigation of television drama, broadcast qualifications. And put forward for illegal units and funders in which, depending on the circumstances shall be given a warning, a fine of up to five years shall not engage in Internet audio-visual service investment and punishment, serious cases may confiscate illegal activity equipment, confiscate the illegal income, revoke the license and other penalties.

when the anti pornography period

TV has always been relatively large scale, difficult is because when the "anti pornography net net 2014 ·" action period, so affected? Last week Sina books, video for the dissemination of pornographic information, revoke the "Internet publishing license" and "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", engaged in Internet Publishing and stop Internet audio-visual program service. And because jurisprudence, piracy issues were involved in the investigation of the public security department Nora also shut down the server. But to say that is because of pornography why only under the framework of four? And four of this drama on hardcore violence, no more than you "" "" as a dead-alive person Hanbani porn even "shameless family" but also. The latest news is that CCTV decided to introduce the "Big Bang" and in CBM film dubbing dubbing bodies. CBM film dubbed agency in response to the call of SARFT, boycott three popular Studio Entertainment, dubbed the spirit of the letter, and elegance pursuit…… The positive, healthy, green "Big Bang" to the general audience.

Sohu, Youku potatoes broken dream TV

It was under the framework of

‘s four play, but there are also many people worried, perhaps after 80% of the drama will be banned. If it is the ban on American TV, then for the Sohu, Youku potatoes and other flagship TV video website is not a small blow. At present, under the framework of the four part of the "Big Bang" is the purchase price of the Sohu and the Sohu exclusive copyright, video can go to the introduction of video website today a position cannot do without lots of drama, already culture the impact of the shelf event by a group of users, users will be lost. The loss of the shelves for Sohu is a little big.

video site users decide the advertiser’s input, if there is no user means no advertisers. After all is said and done video site revenue mainly through advertising, so the video site to train users are often rush through.