CNNC said 4 into the user’s social networking site is mainly to pass the time

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 Chinese Internet Social Networking Application Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") showed that the report shows that the main purpose of the 42.4% users of social networking sites is to pass the time".

adult users choose social networking sites when the primary consideration

users to consider the factors of social networking site

on the use of social networking users as a whole, because of the particularity of the social networking site itself, the website platform students / coworkers / acquaintances, become a social factors in the choice of the user site priority, the users accounted for 63.5%, far higher than other factors.

with the expansion of the scale of the user and the user level continues to enrich the social networking site is becoming an important channel for Internet users to obtain information, dissemination of information. Choose to get useful information more, more interested in the topic of users accounted for 32.4% and 21.4%, respectively. In the context of the application of internet entertainment, 18.6% of users believe that the game can play more important factor is the choice of social networking sites.

"and their own professional / work / interest related to the user’s choice" after the game, accounting for 18.1%. Although one of the social networking site is the function of "making new friends, but for users of social networking sites, it can not become a decisive factor to choose, choose" make friends with strangers are more likely to "users accounted for only 10.6%. In addition, the social networking site in the real sense of the user’s choice is not affected, select the user on the platform a strong sense of the user is only 9.1%.

over 4 into the user’s social networking site is mainly to pass the time

users use social networking sites for the purpose of

Chinese because Internet users age, education and other factors, and the differences between Chinese and foreign user habits, resulting in special needs at present entertainment and game based has become the significant feature of Internet users use the SNS website of China.

is currently the main function of the social networking site focused on entertainment and games, in the survey, select the "kill time" users accounted for 42.4%, to "play the game" for the purpose of users accounted for 27.4%; and the relationship between the use of social networking sites "and maintain old friends of users accounted for 36.6%, 35.3% of users use social networking the website is to" new friends ", to" learn "for the purpose of accounting for 25.2%.

31.3% users have registered social networking sites and then abandoned the use of

users to abandon the social networking site

The size and viscosity of

users, both for acquaintances or strangers dating sites, are the basis for the commercial value of the site and the basis for further development. In the actual application of social networking sites, users tend to put on a variety of reasons