nternet banking oligarchs end of the era in the end who should be left

recently, Internet banking and the case of a major event, Baidu and China CITIC Bank direct bank: bank letter which means that BAT, the three giants are in a different form of a banking license. So far the Internet Financial blowout after the development of the new qualifying, the industry to accelerate the survival of the fittest, to the oligarchs era. As industry insiders "Internet financial guidance after the introduction of the Internet finance will accelerate the reshuffle, expected by the end of 2016 the entire Internet financial pattern will be more clear, there will be a few oligarchs, there may be two huge oligarchs".

then began both inside and outside the industry have speculated: on the Internet financial oligarchy era comes, who will be left? The following three categories become the eyes of the public the future giants hope: 1, has a profound background of "two rich generation", such as behind the micro public bank and Ali Alipay Tencent WeChat to pay the support trick treasure. 2, their professional background is excellent, will do is Miaoer extreme wind control, such as Ping Department of Lu Jin etc.. 3, not limited to the P2P model of integrated financial platform, using P2B and P2G model to achieve differentiated grassroots". Such as copper street, digging money, etc.. So today this bell goods to "limited outlook" of power commentary several star products, see who are most likely to be the last one.

rich two generation trick treasure, spell father recent period

in August 25th this year, the small and Micro Finance officially released another Internet financial products trick treasure". (there have been the balance of treasure), it is said that the amount of treasure trick since the on-line transaction has more than 10 billion yuan. It should be noted that as a financial product sales platform, the relationship between financial institutions and financial institutions to recruit treasure wealth is only the relationship between the channel and the supplier, docking is the supply and marketing of financial products. But the trick treasure is to use "group purchase" means together funds relatively few "fit" and allow them to enjoy large purchase in order to enjoy the annual yield. This model was based on mass balance treasure users backing, and through continuous blood transfusion and Torre Ali electricity supplier to show great imagination. Pushing Ali trick treasure "is the heart of the obvious knowledge": one is the hope that the continuation of the balance of treasure is brilliant, two is a massive user conversion electricity providers gather the stock of financial capital, reconstruction of Ali financial empire. But this move is really "satisfactory", "two rich generation" treasure by competition of family background is a Ever-victorious general now is not too optimistic.

first of all, from the core function of the realization of the treasure, only to return financial products right is more variable, without adding new value, the realization of his function is actually the A customers of financial products yield to maturity as collateral, so as to provide personal loans of the project B users enjoy the yield to maturity. A product that does not create value can not be ecological.

second, recruit treasure to ", is still subject to lord it over a district" two points: 1, the industry market size, how much is the consignment of financial products in the end there is a small pond size, difficult to raise fish; 2, core function is strong edge, that is.