The snowball site suffered a hacker attack founder vowed to track down the murderers

sina science and technology news on December 31st afternoon news, investment and social networking site snowball finance suffered hacker attacks this afternoon, the company’s website is temporarily unable to visit.

snowball Finance released a statement this afternoon, said at 3:50 pm today, snowball site suffered DDos (distributed denial of service) attacks, the site can not provide normal service.

snowball finance strongly condemned the attack in a statement, saying it would further evidence, tracing. The founder of snowball finance side of salmon boasted: "who attack us again, put who sent to jail."

snowball finance is an investor’s social network to provide investors with cross market, cross species data query, news subscription and interactive services.

2011, the snowball Sequoia Capital A round of financing 20 million yuan; May 2013, Sequoia Capital and Morningside B $10 million round of investment; in September 3, 2014, snowball completed C round of financing, this round of financing by all group led, Morningside capital investment, the total amount of financing $40 million. (Luo Liang)