Sources said the group received 17class million investment in vertical

recently, the vertical group purchase website frequently heard the good news, after, public comment has announced the acquisition of millions of dollars of investment, another horse vertical group purchase, focus on workplace training group purchase website – (Study), also received tens of millions of dollars in venture capital outside a venture capital provided. (reporter learned together) for tens of millions of dollars in venture capital news to its founder, Dr. Wang Weiming Dean of Asia Pacific Competitiveness Research Institute confirmed, Dr. Wang denied the authenticity of this message, he said: "at present there are several VC including Sequoia Capital, Softbank, DCM, and 17class are approached but we have not yet determined the final partner." An Internet veteran who believes that "as a vertical group purchase website of a on-line soon, in such a short period of time will be able to attract the attention of venture capitalists, on one hand, 17class identify the pulse of the market, on the one hand reflects the group purchase market prospects for the future, both" vertical "will become the future development direction of group purchase industry.

it is understood that the 17class website officially launched at the end of 2010, the target users for 3-5 years management experience in the workplace, and the introduction of quality training group purchase according to their needs, such as personal competitiveness, Enneagram and time management courses, so that users in group purchase to attractive discount price to enjoy high quality training services.