Story 38 home appliance business settled in Taobao mall Tmall com

Taobao mall yesterday announced the launch of the new strategy, the platform will be open to all retail form, build a new B2C ecosystem, including the red child, serves network, one store, intime network, Kuba, Yi Xun, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy 38 appliance business network collective settled Taobao mall, again to the domain name in the big concern, this 38 home network domain type diversification, such as domain name, domain name and domain name English creative, 38 electricity supplier network which have

domain name?


figure: 38 settled Taobao mall electricity supplier network

category electricity supplier network creative domain performance outstanding

first, take a look at the 38 settled in Taobao mall electricity supplier in the name of the category of Web site situation. In 38 home network, a category of sites occupied 11 places, which enable different types of domain name. Pinyin domain name in the domestic market of higher status, the application of such domain names are more, in the 11 famous website, Pinyin domain name has 2 types of electric network, such as network serves, is a "show" to fight a single domain name, the domain name registered in 2000, with 11 years of registration time, the domain name system during online shopping, intime network and Larry domain, the domain name has been registered in 2000, 2015 to renew.

creative domain is now a large proportion of the electricity supplier website, now in the 11 places among them, the creative domain name electricity supplier network has accounted for 8. D1 fashion network, poly still, outlet mall, Fifth Avenue luxury,, and have respect to share network, roox If not according to strict division condition, the two "VIP" domain name and can be considered as the Department of English domain type, 1 full English domain type, top grade discount

apparel category electricity supplier domain name application

according to rough statistics, in the online shopping consumer groups, women occupy the largest proportion, clothing website is the hottest electricity supplier network in the website, there are 6 clothing website currently assigned to in 38 home business, to understand the 6 domain types, VANCL earlier in the Taobao store, clothing the new network platform settled business department’s official website,, NOP are beginning, D web, these four domains are creative domain, and is the official website of Internet domain name and Monroe are, is blue >