Let the content of business and free content separate

      morning and wisdom brigade member Liang Zhenkun chatted with his group plans, because his website is mostly content accumulation, so it is recommended that he be a "user experience guide" of the website, and chatted for a while and the title of the topic, I think is written down, let more Zhilu members to share.

      first of all, the concept of "free" content. Because this phrase is not particularly rigorous, in order to everyone in the back of the reading does not produce ambiguity, I just say what I know about it. In fact, the contents of the site are free to browse, and here to say free more tourists online travel action unnecessary or unwilling to pay extra services.

      in addition, through a long web work, I think it is not a good idea to mix business content with "free" content, for three reasons:

      1, visitors do not like. This is in line with the consumer experience is the same, because consumers are very sensitive to business behavior. When consumers enter a seemingly no commercial behavior of the area, but found himself without knowing the situation and business behavior of enterprises has been linked, the results are often not enterprises want to happen.

      2, make simple things complicated. For the vast majority of business planning and operators, it is very clear that the first mention of the situation, because they are consumers. So in order to avoid such feelings but will have to go into business, they have brains, painstaking planning and design some good ideas to ""! But in my opinion, most of the trials ended up in failure.

      3, to make propaganda more accurate. The best case is the GOOGLE PPC products. In the search results on the right side of the "sponsored links", clearly tell visitors what is the commercial behavior, also saves the cost for the delivery person. The negative case we might as well look at Baidu.

      based on the above three reasons, I do not want to discuss why we want to separate the two. I pay more attention to what is the content, how to separate and may think of some small ideas.

      1, which should be separated? In fact, as long as we pay attention to observe, it will be easy to find. Or use the six elements of tourism (also travel and entertainment) to a simple description.

      food: the introduction of local characteristics of the food and dining establishments can be introduced