The domain name registration to make play a personal website in the final examination

for individual users to close the ".Cn" domain name registration has now opened the door again. Last week, the Ministry issued a notice clearly stipulates that individuals and units can be used as the site sponsor, however, all the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit, which means that the majority of domestic personal website will once again usher in the real name system test.

In fact,

in order to combat the phenomenon of vulgar network, CN domain name system has long been the first step in the management of the domain name, the domain name has been the first to apply for rectification work. As early as last December, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) issued "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", requiring the user to submit the application materials to the registration of the domain name domain name registration services online, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, will not be able to apply for the registration of the domain name.

from the third party survey report shows that the CN domain name under the adverse application from December 2009 to 15% in less than 5% in February 2010. .com,.Org,.Ru domain name under the proportion of adverse applications rose sharply year on year, respectively, 68.6%, 7.8%, an increase of 9.5%, 3%, 3.9%.

domain name registration information is generally not attached to

believes Baidu CEO Robin Li will never forget that moment. January 12, 2010, Baidu site was black, up to a few hours in the world can not normally visit, shocked the entire internet. It turns out that the root of Baidu’s website is black domain name registration information is malicious tampering by others. And when Baidu and the United States to register the communication, the domain name registration information correction requirements and delays can not get a response.

coincidentally, Tianya ( had also staged a similar scene. 2005, Tianya site staff by modifying the original Tianya website ( domain name registration information, the domain name will be redirected to another site, once hijacked Tianya site visits and access to the crowd.


, assistant dean of Beihang University law school, Dr. Tan Hualin told reporters, whether it is Baidu website was hacked, or the domain name hijacking crisis Tianya earlier, have exposed the domain name holder of domain name registration information is not paid enough attention. "Because the domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate, once the domain name registration information has been tampered with the holder of the domain name registrar to communicate and solve, will be at a disadvantage, not only affects the crisis solving speed and efficiency, but also on the website of the normal operation of business and bring huge negative effect."

had expected the industry, breaking the network event at least to bring direct economic losses of more than 7 million yuan Baidu. Legal experts pointed out that the domain name registration information is not true, inaccurate, incomplete, not only is not conducive to ordinary Internet users to identify the authenticity of the site, but also against the public security machine >