NetEase held a fantasy seminar pre literary website model

in April 26th, many domestic famous fantasy martial arts writers very busy which gathered in Hangzhou West Lake, NetEase (Hangzhou) held in the " the sea clever barren world set " 2009 spring symposium.



spring symposium, are invited to have a well-known writer, a great reputation in the literary world network fantasy martial arts such as: Xiao Qian, Xiao Ding, Song Feng, Wei Yue, and a month, Ming Mei, Guan Pingchao, Tang Jiasan, Gengsu, little dream without a trace, wandering toad etc.. Another of their special identity, "God is spirit of group member of the sea shortage". NetEase (Hangzhou) of this seminar is to talk about the shortage of spirit world outlook website ( operation, but also try to find out new network operating mode of fantasy literature.

is currently in use of the network literature, fantasy literature accounted for most of the proportion, mainly divided into two modes of operation, one is to publish books, periodicals and a small amount of entities may be published for the purpose of television platform exists on the network. As the starting point, the banyan literature network very famous and fresh network, is also attached to books, journals and entity lovers union communication and creative learning platform, such as the fantasy world forum and the sky, netrose etc.. These two models of the site has been a long-term market model operations, to achieve a more mature and stable stage. But there is some lack of innovation.

and NetEase (Hangzhou) "sea spirit shortage" world view website seems to literature website operation mode put forward new ideas. The spirit of shortage is the NetEase officially launched in March 2nd this year, a rich set of rigorous and fantasy world outlook website and forum. And its ultimate goal is to create grand magnificent, freedom of self consistent sea clever barren world, has rich humanistic value of fantasy culture, establish long-term and reasonable operation mode, to create a fair and open fantasy world. The first is the site in addition to Jina excellent fantasy literature writers, in addition to the netizens of the color, also by way of literature and fantasy literature seminar held video game licensing development and fantasy literature contest, fantasy to promote the domestic development of fantasy literature industry.

this "set in advance, to jointly build" mode is different from any previous fantasy literature website, more targeted and open, the real connotation of the essence of Web2.0 and Western Fantasy Literature combine to use more network. As one of the most famous game development companies and portals, we have reason to believe that NetEase will have a further combination of these settings, the use of games and web content building. "World of Warcraft" success in addition to leading technology, more important point also lies in its setting after a long and rigorous set, Western Fantasy models such as "Dungeons & Dragons", "Lord of the rings" and "Warhammer" series, are formed by the construction for many years, in many aspects. As the "World of Warcraft" new China agent, you can