The video site VP but not worth look at chicken ribs


VIP (Very Important Person) can be called VIP, advanced users, senior members, etc., in the field of network video, some people call it VIP, also known as members, in fact, the same meaning. Including Sohu, Tencent, Iqiyi video video, storm video, Youku, Thunder KanKan and many other online video platform to provide VIP services for users (you can enjoy special services), one of the most important function is that it can get rid of psoriasis advertising, but also the world a clear net.

According to the general

video website monthly pay 30 yuan / month to count, that one day a piece of money, you can enjoy no ads harassment, 365 days a year, a discount, 360 yuan, according to the movie to count, a movie is a 30 yuan. At the 12 movie price, from the "money" does not seem to be so understood. But from the money up to understand, users really enjoy the video site VIP services.

according to iResearch data show that in 2013, China’s online video market size, the highest share of advertising revenue, up to 75%. Expected in 2017, its share will rise slightly to 77.1%. In various forms of advertising, advertising is the highest contribution to the form of advertising, and much higher than other forms of advertising.

according to Youku potatoes 2013 net income of 30 million to calculate, advertising revenue accounted for 2 billion 250 million, the advertisement as the biggest contributor to other video site Youku potatoes undeniable. If we put these advertising revenue sharing in users, each user will be disguised consumption of a certain amount of advertising revenue, as VIP users can enjoy the total ad free bonus, so this part of a VIP user consumption, does not exist, so from the perspective of "money" video the website is VIP users to enjoy the proper service.

we compare the functionality of several major video sites from the VIP service:

Video: Sohu to advertising, membership film library, on-demand half price, Ultra HD theater, high-speed channel, station VIP logo, exclusive customer service. (VIP price: 30 yuan / month)

Youku: Monthly film library, coupons for free viewing, multi screen sharing, on-demand half price, noble status, free advertising, 1080P exclusive, enjoy life, VIP exclusive activities. (VIP price: 20 yuan / month)

Iqiyi: free film library, commercials, distinguished identity, free on demand. (VIP price: 19.8 yuan / month)

potatoes: exemption from advertising, on demand discount and honor red, dedicated customer service. (VIP price: 10 yuan / month)

Thunder KanKan: a number of activities, a key to advertising, the five-star experience, the first to take a gift, the value of integral, viewing group priority. VIP price: 15>