Sina change conjecture Cao Guowei still introduced Ali palm resources situation



technology Tencent reported in December 19th Joe

the latest round of personnel changes around the two story version of sina, the protagonist is responsible for Sina’s sales department COO Du Hong.

the first story: the current Sina CEO Cao Guowei Sina micro-blog commercial poor responsibility, transferred to the chairman, Du the replacement become Sina new six CEO; second story: more than just "have an ulterior motive" lie – only Du Hong himself denied, Sina official also has micro-blog, the former definition "false information".

opinions, rumors constantly behind, it is indisputable that the fact that sina is the depth adjustment of organizational structure and high-level personnel, the specific details of the short term or will be announced.

many people to science and technology Tencent confirmed that Sina’s business and personnel changes has been brewing for several months, has completed the initial part of the adjustment, but has not yet been finalized, the next still variable.

recently had Sina executives disclosed to the Tencent of science and technology, the future of sina management architecture, vice president Wang Gaofei will be responsible for the wireless business of micro-blog products, operations and technology, the former general manager of the micro-blog division Peng Shaobin’s responsibilities will change, will be responsible for the Sina micro-blog open platform. Although the source said the details will have to adjust, but the high credibility of the division of labor.

Sina high-level changes in the division of labor, along with the corresponding adjustment of the organizational structure. Sina in addition to the sales department in charge of Du red, in the past is mainly divided into three business groups, namely Sina, wireless division and micro-blog division. Although more specific details are not clear Sina organizational structure changes, but with the mobile internet promotion in Sina’s strategic position, and the change of the king soar duties, the wireless division or will be integrated into the micro-blog division, which formed the traditional portal and micro-blog two business system and legislative situation.

it is understood that a total of more than and 200 wireless Sina, not long ago, the division is engaged in a traditional SP business has been split, some people leave.

‘s biggest suspense is the role of Du red division.

According to Tencent

technology, Du or sina will be promoted to CEO news in the industry has been circulating for at least a few months, many Internet Co executives from different sources informed the news and not surprised. Familiar with the analysis of the industry, said Du red to Tencent science and technology, the circle has been rumors Du red and Cao Guowei Department of commercial interests of the community, Du Hong from CMO up to COO at the moment, it means that she may have an impact on the CEO."

but the news has not been further proved. A source close to Sina even to the Tencent said the whole transaction Sina chairman and CEO Cao Guowei has recently been personally responsible for Sina micro-blog, which excludes duhong as Sina CEO or Sina micro-blog responsible person can.