Global pass Amazon and other 3 letter domain name trading

renamed China ( April 27th news, recently, a 3 letter domain name domain name investment circle struck, a lot of 3 letters have been trading, as investors buy Morpheus "global", Shanghai rice Amoy friends three acquisition "Amazon"


The acquisition of

MorpheusThe 3 letter domain name

Morpheus acquisition belongs to the type of AAB, a "global communication, QQ group, QQ hall, kiss Amoy, money through other means, the mobile terminal, GSM GSM, QQ film city hall, the domain name can be used to build a mobile business website, shopping website, game website etc..

The acquisition of

three Amoy

Shanghai has acquired three domain name investors Amoy "Amazon, 4755g-2412g64mi" meaning the terminal, the domain name is used to set up e-commerce sites, portals and other terminal. In addition, he also sold the music education three letter domain name

5 sweet potato acquisition of and other 3 letter domain name


meters friends recently won the sweet potato 5 3 letter names, which are "Zhejiang -" ", a new spatial novel library", "cocktail", "Bai Suzhen, the bus station" and "childhood, Tianning District

m friends luandao acquisition

luandao bought three meters Hangzhou friends of initial domain name, with "ice cream, 100 birds gazelle, Bao Qing Road, North CYTS, Bucherer" meaning, a more familiar terminal, which is the use of digital domain name website by

Shangrao friends of zhebie acquisition of


Shangrao zhebie meters friends acquired "University Circle" 3 letter domain name, suitable for web site projects related to the college students, the number of consumer groups, many college students, students of the domestic Internet project is very much.

above these 3 letters.COM domain regardless of the product or the meaning is very good, presumably the price will not be too low. Frequently, the 3 letter domain name transaction recent situation bad, which are at the junction to shoot, such as the recent DN list the price of nearly 1 million 800 thousand yuan ranked first.