Yao Jinbo 8 years how to win the information from the website of the city of 58

[58.com] lead (58 city) is a life information classification site was established at the end of 2005. Located in the local life service platform, mainly for small businesses, the number of active merchants reached 4 million, monthly independent users of the national website, the city of, the size of the 27 cities. Involved in the life of services, including real estate, recruitment, automotive, housekeeping, catering, second-hand trading and other aspects. From its inception in 8 years, VC has been repeatedly favored capital, mostly Japanese companies. Apply to the United States IPO two times. Today, sources said, 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a IPO prospectus, plans to be listed on the NYSE, codenamed WUBA, the highest financing $150 million. Eight years of business model to explore what to bring the advantages of competitors beyond the city of, the future development trend of Chinese classified information website how to see?


58 city CEO Yao Jinbo

58 city since its establishment in the past eight years, the 6 financing

1, February 2006, Softbank Saif invested $5 million

2, June 2008, Saif continue to invest an additional $40 million

3, April 2010, DCM and Saif $15 million of the total investment of

4, December 2010, Warburg investment led $60 million, the city of CEO Yao Jinbo investment with $5 million

5, May 2011, access to Japan’s largest classified information group Recruit injection.

6, the second half of 2011, won the China Ping group and the city of CEO Yao Jinbo personal investment, the total amount of $55 million 58. Among them, the $42 million provided by Warburg group, $13 million from the city of CEO Yao Jinbo individual name vote. And before the difference is that Yao Jinbo with the cast of $13 million for personal investment lending to flat income, Yao should be in a relatively short time to return the funds Warburg group.

two application to the United States IPO

for the first time: at the beginning of June 2011, when 58 city Yang Mi endorsement advertising overwhelming hit on the occasion, the 58 city is rumored to have submitted the listing application and will be listed on the United States at the end of June. In June 27th 58, the city announced that the first CFO Zhou Hao took office. Zhou Hao had worked in a number of listed companies and listed companies as CFO. However, with the Chinese stocks suffered cold, 58 city listed things no below. Apply for the listing before the 58 city had been rumors of exposed employees provident fund and insurance disputes, and payment arrears of business group purchase business to the closure of the news.

second: since 2011, the 58 city at the end of September 2013 once again to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.