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1 monster destruction note: Feng Xin had high margin to mobilize people storm technology  

yesterday, A shares had Chizha the monster storm technology released results notice is not optimistic, is expected before 2015 three quarter profit of 20 million 255 thousand and 700 yuan to 26 million 488 thousand and 200 yuan, down 15%-35%. Prior to this, the first half of its performance fell 70%, storm technology, what happened to you?

if you want to select the ten big demon stocks in 2015, storm technology can be ranked top three. Since listing in March 24th this year, the science and technology from the issue price of 7.14 yuan skyrocketing, in 40 days, the limit of 36 this stance, in May 21 reached 327.01 yuan the highest price record, or close to 50 times this year, the trading king.

but the crash comes There’s no telling and quickly swept the global market, the domestic A market has suffered heavy losses, soaring storm technology was like a pot of cold water, stock prices began to shock down. Since then, storm technology suspended since June 11th, July 13th with 10 to 12 trading return, thousands of stock trading under the background of continuous eating five daily limit, after the stock is low.

2 SARFT released 81 illegal video software live broadcast on the list  

October 14th news, according to the certified media man micro-blog @ TV eye revealed that the current central network letter office, SARFT is to carry out a nationwide network of foreign television receiving equipment special rectification action. One of the famous video software applications, such as broadcast live on the list.

micro-blog reads as follows:

central network letter office, SARFT is being carried out nationwide television network reception equipment special rectification actions. The first published 81 illegal video software applications, live situation, Himalaya, panda, listen to the 360 film Daquan, Taiza videos on the list


3 fried! The United States Mission and hungry, siege reputation takeaway  

in the service of the restaurant owner Gu Yue (a pseudonym) received a series of text messages early in the morning. SMS notification said that their own restaurant has been offline and off the mouth of the takeaway platform, while the relevant menu has been deleted. Gu Yue is wondering what happened, he received a phone call to the store staff: the boss will come back, the store had an accident!

Gu Yue told billion state power network, he operates a fast-food hamburger shop in Tianjin. Back in the store, he knew what was going on. The staff told him that there were 7, 8 people rushed to his restaurant today, asking them to shut down in the mouth (Amoy little takeaway takeaway business), also delete all the dishes in the classification, the clerk was rejected, this group of people off the word-of-mouth delivery service restaurant is forced through the computer, delete the relevant menu. This group of people is very old