The nternet is the money from the foolish people

see "the Internet is from the foolish people pay" this sentence from the ADMIN5, very interesting, what to say. I can’t write Wencheng chapter, so I’m a bit to say:

1, search engine bidding

          service provider: "point, the user gives me a point, if the God give me a chance, I will let my users every day ten thousand times!"

          advertiser: "where is my advertising fee?" (wasted)

          website user: "this is not what I want!" (free search engines)

2, virtual currency

            service provider: "use it, with more than a bit of virtual currency, I’m just here to change the number, the number will become RMB, and how much I want!

          Web site user: "Dad, do you have a card? I want to charge virtual currency."

3, monthly advertising

          Web site Webmaster: "come on, to advertise it, this IP, PV, to send AV!"

          monthly users: "not many people? Why don’t you order my ad?"

4, rogue software

          Thief: "I unknowingly entered your house, you know, is that you silently support me, you are an endless stream to give me that attractive IP.

          victims: "hey…… How can I get out of the car, oh, did I have a computer?"

5, antivirus software

          service provider: "please give me the money, you can’t do it! No one can kill him except me. Don’t hesitate to give me the money!"

          user: "how did you get the money?"