Yu Bin Baidu know the first change in 2008

recently on Baidu know friends found a problem, from the beginning of January 22nd, Baidu know the right, originally only a classification expert, now a classification is One divides into two., hall of fame, is a rising Master classification list. (pictured)


According to the

Baidu know the official introduction, the new "classification Master rise weekly from the different classification, calculation of user is selected as the best answer with numerical reward points as classification rise points, statistical classification increased most points (a user classification before 200, two class 50) into the classification of this week" Master classification up list".

"classification of fame" will be recorded into "all records in the list have increased Master classification list", and recorded the cumulative answer experts are the highest points of each category in the category list in the hall of fame. (the first 200 categories, the first category of the top two)

at the same time, Baidu know the inside pages also quietly change (Figure)


Baidu know the revision in the years ago, more emphasis on product interactivity, the goal is to get as much information as possible users, the formation of interactive information communication, two-way communication. Once this goal has been achieved, Baidu will be able to know the uniqueness of its channel influence will follow.

know that Baidu is a very good product, but also in Baidu know the operation team on its products continue to improve, and constantly self denial in product innovation, it is worth learning many websites, 2008, Baidu is also other channels for change? Let us wait and see.

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