Live originator Meerkat death giant siege under the innovation dilemma

Meerkat became popular in last year’s SXSW Music Festival, once in 2015 to become the most popular mobile broadcast one of app, but this quickly became popular legend but could not speak too long, finally came to an end in the 18 months after its birth.


Meerkat is the parent company of Lift On Air CEO Ben Rubin in the Twitter Meerkat from App Store has announced that the next frame, and that the Meerkat team did not disband, next will focus on new product Houseparty.

Houseparty is a Meerka team developed a multi person video chat applications. The VerGE data show that the current Houseparty has millions of users. Currently, Meerkat’s Twitter account has been changed to private mode, the official website is also connected to the Houseparty home page.

industry insiders said, Meerkat shut down the fundamental reason is that the company is facing strong competition pressure Twitter and Facebook and other technology giants, can not attract foreign users.

Meerkat has been considered to be the originator of live video field, it was first appeared in Product Hunt (a new product submission and recommended by the community), a line is at the top in the "recommended" new products "on the most. This also allows Meerkat access to the first user, Meerkat three days to get the 15 thousand users, the formation of the more than 8 thousand live video streaming.

then at the beginning of March 2015, once held the red Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Group Me SXSW Music Festival, Meerkat quickly became popular. February 27th App Store formally launched in Meerkat, in less than a month’s time, on the harvest of more than 300 thousand users.

early, Meerkat is the direct use of Twitter account login, so the user will be synchronized to each move in Meerkat Twitter.

users began to live, its Twitter account will automatically show the beginning of live news and live links. Twitter friends to see this message and click on the link, you can also see live video on PC. Even in the video, the user comments are displayed in the point of praise and broadcast in Twitter. Twitter diversion has also become a major factor in the rapid rise of Meerkat.

this also caused the Twitter alert, Twitter immediately launched its acquisition of live products P>