Competition for the license gradually subsided third party payment companies for lack of distress

third party payment business license battle seems to have subsided, whether it is to get a license or not to get the license of the enterprise, its next to do is still to develop their own business. Reporters found that with the third party payment market structure increasingly stable, many companies need for talent is also growing.

technology, marketing talents in popular

in July this year, the reporter went to a third party payment companies in Shanghai interview, just to see a lot of people come to the company for. Deputy general manager of the company, Mr. Sun told reporters that the third party payment companies now need more talent, most companies will often release recruitment information.

headhunting network platform consultant Ma Yuan told reporters that the current market conditions, this kind of enterprise’s need for talents mainly focus on technology, risk control and sales positions, and enterprises will be long-term recruitment of these jobs, especially the post sales. Pay general manager Chi Xiaobin also said that the company needs to pay more than the need for web development, operations, marketing professionals, which is consistent with the needs of the industry as a whole.

in the interview, most of the third party payment company said that the current recruitment and license issuance is not directly related, mainly in order to develop business.

, the reporter found that many third party payment companies of the applicants work experience requirements are relatively high, managers need 8 to 10 years of work experience, but also put forward 3 years working experience in demand for ordinary engineers or administrator. "If it is qualified graduates, we will as a reserve of talents, but if it is joined with experience, as will need talent", a reluctance to disclose the names of the third party payment company official told reporters. The general manager of Hangzhou shangmeng Business Services Limited Yao Hangyong said, graduating students is difficult to play a role, industry experience would be much easier for people to quit.

sales average annual salary of 150 thousand

reporters on the Internet to see the recruitment information shows that the salary is very attractive, the lowest annual salary is 150 thousand, 30~40 million abound, and even can reach millions.

Shen (a pseudonym) graduated from the University 2 years ago, at the beginning of a relatively small third party payment company to do the ordinary clerk, a monthly salary of 3000 yuan, six months after the switch to do the sales, the salary has a commission, can get 6000 yuan a month. However, Xiao Shen would like to go to big companies to develop, the beginning of this year, to a large third party payment company. "Now the third party payment industry in sales compared to find, especially with the customer resources, some companies are willing to spend high hire sales talents." Xiao Shen told reporters, because I do not sell time is not long, not a lot of resources, but now the annual salary can reach about 150 thousand, much higher than before, and some do well in the annual salary of about 200 thousand. Xiao Shen told reporters, because the sales position for the industry background to >