Stationmaster net broadcast Dili FB battle event continues to heat up the CCTV exposure Ctrip integr

introduction: Dili FB battle event continues to heat up, this event attracted a lot of attention, like what Baidu "Post Bar door, Ctrip ticket events seem to be sidelined. On this matter, I do not know if you are also a small partner concerned about it?

1: CCTV exposure Ctrip "integral ticket" interest chain behind  


January 9, 2016, a man named Mr. Fu on the network issued a document, the complaint Ctrip sales fake tickets, resulting in their own airport was investigated 3 hours. After the incident on the network exposure, Ctrip in hand, saying go away, this slogan, was a lot of friends ridicule into Ctrip in hand, stay at the airport". For a time, Ctrip selling fake tickets "deceptive" has become a hot topic, many consumers concern.

user airport was stranded, Ctrip false ticket triggered a hot network

Mr. Fu in his micro-blog broke the news that he booked through Ctrip from Shanghai Pudong to Japan and Tokyo, from Tokyo to Beijing, two tickets, while he wants to return when he suffered the embarrassment of not boarding. The airline told him, he bought a ticket, is suspected of reselling the integral of the airlines that this ticket is invalid.

2 games behind the scenes piracy soccer gambling: illegal everywhere  


years ago, the media described Liverpool fans watch the Merseyside derby: "several Merseyside local fans hurried back home, find a play button in a pile as mumbo-jumbo like Chinese, to be able to watch free against Liverpool and Everton." Behind this description is the protection of China’s bad sporting events at that time, the Chinese fans may be difficult to imagine in the future to watch sports events also need to pay.

from the beginning of the end of 2014, the live site triggered capital intense pursuit, behind the capital operation, the site began to purchase a large number of live sports copyright, some fans began to pay for high quality events habits.

but more fans still choose a variety of ways to find free event resources, some of the network broadcast platform has become the best place for pirates to broadcast. In the course of the broadcast, a gambling scam has quietly opened.

3: Emperor FB broadcast platform banned many websites off comment  

yesterday evening news January 21st, Emperor FB against "Taiwan independence" has become a hot network, WeChat, micro-blog and other social platforms have a lot of friends to discuss the matter.

emperor bar, formerly known as Baidu Li Yi bar, also known as emperor bar, D bar, D8. Baidu Le Louvre Museum, said the most popular post bar, there are more than 20 million users, roughly the same as the population of Taiwan.

previously, on the cause of Taiwan independence triggered wide