MT joint public security departments to combat the black chain of network viruses

April 1st morning, deputy director of the Ministry of industry and information technology Xiong Sihao Communications Security Bureau in the "Third Session of communication network and information security forum" said that in view of the network virus especially mobile phone virus situation intensified black industry chain, the Ministry will joint public security departments to develop a number of measures to fight against cyber black chain virus.

Xiong Sihao said that since 2010, there has been more and more viruses, malware on mobile phones, tablet PCs, mobile terminal equipment security has become the most concerned about the issue of users. Data show that in 2010, more than 2500 kinds of malicious programs on the mobile terminal, infected by the virus, malicious programs infected more than 8 million mobile terminals. In this regard, the Ministry has begun to develop measures to fight against the network this year, the joint public security departments, mobile phone virus black industry chain.

Xiong Sihao said that the current scale of the black industry chain has been great, from the production of the virus, spread, to attack, to obtain illegitimate interests, have formed a series of more mature industrial chain. Therefore, in the "12th Five-Year" period, will be in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry, to grasp the basis of management in the aspects of network security, launched value-added telecommunications services and network security protection, environmental governance, strengthening the safety protection of the next generation Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things.