Three how to spend the financing of the 300 million squirrels Supply Chain logistics category ex

three squirrels obtained by the fourth round of financing of $300 million, will be used in the supply chain IT, logistics specialization, expand the category of snacks and other fields. In September 16th, three squirrels founder Zhang Liaoyuan on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, "we don’t need the money, but money is always The more, the better.".

Zhang Liaoyuan, the short term, a new round of financing part of the funds will be used for the second half of the sales in large scale special purchases for the Spring Festival brand marketing plan this year.

long term, first of all, this round of investment will focus on the supply chain of IT construction, three squirrels to build an ecological agriculture platform, through the data and brand suppliers and consumers together, solve product quality and food safety problems.

second, the construction of specialized logistics. The next two years, three squirrels in the country were built 10 warehouses, according to the different city will continue to sink, and strive for consumers closer; in 2016, three squirrels will no shop in the field of O2O storage model based on exploration.

three, will accelerate the category to expand, from now on the line of the first national sales of nuts, expand to the national snack first. Zhang Liaoyuan made no secret in the future global ambitions of three squirrels: "from the three to the squirrel nut, snacks, and global food."

announced before the fourth round of financing, the three squirrels in the strategic action.

food electricity supplier three squirrels were the founder of the fourth round of financing $300 million: did not want

July 2015, three squirrels on the line, squirrel sea purchase APP, the main cross-border electricity supplier business, providing exclusive purchase of snacks for domestic consumers sea service. In August 2015, three squirrels under two sub brand squirrel small base squirrel and the United States in the Tmall, Jingdong and other platform shops closed, and all incorporated into the main brand three squirrels store. This has sparked speculation in the industry.

in this regard, Zhang Liaoyuan said that this merger is positioning should be based on the three squirrels from the "nuts" transition to the strategic adjustment of the national "snacks".

fourth round of financing, the valuation of the three squirrels reached $4 billion, the current will start the listing plan


this chapter to the first financial Liaoyuan said: "there are three points on the market, the first, three squirrels will be in the domestic market; second, three squirrels will wait until the registration system after landing listed; third, the need to wait until the three squirrels annual sales reached 4, 5 billion yuan after the start."

reporter learned that three squirrels or IPO will be launched in the next two or three years, according to this time estimates, does not rule out the presence of intermediaries to enter the preparatory work before entering the market to carry out the three squirrels.