Ylmf will enable millions of independent domain name price 116 com

March 21st news: it is reported that its search will be independent of polymerization for the opening of the new domain name 116.com, the line will add 116 aggregation search software search, search, search group purchase site navigation function, the domain name 116.com to jump to the 115.com search site polymerization.




domain name 116.com is ylmf in December last year when commissioned renamed Chinese (eName) leader Kong Dejing from overseas for $260 thousand, plus the related fees, a total investment of more than 1 million 800 thousand yuan repurchase price.

ylmf on digital favorite domain, has acquired more than three words of the domain name, its hands with the digital domain name value of one million yuan level, previous flagship 115.com polymerization search site, the domain name at the time of the purchase price has reached the level of one million yuan, in addition to choose mobile phone as the main business of the 915.com website, the the value of the domain name is not expensive.

on the other, after Lai Lin Feng was commissioned by the name Chinese for the purchase of xp.com and other heavyweight domain name, last April was also through the auction platform named 15.net domain at present, ylmf have mastered xp.com, qq.net, 115.com, 915.com, 769.com and many other rare domain name, a total of thousands, four of them accounted for more than half of the digital domain, the transaction price on million units.