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Ministry of public security cracked 1 billion 400 million yuan major MLM MLM scam with electricity coat



news reporter recently learned from the Ministry of public security, which lasted more than a year of painstaking investigation, "Fei Vatican international" serious case of network marketing announced a cracked, involving the country’s 17 provinces, more than 15 members, worth over 1 billion 400 million yuan of large network marketing organization was successfully destroyed.

amazing numbers can not help but wonder, such a huge MLM scam is how to spread out the public security organs? Reporters follow the interview of the MLM scam to unravel the network mask".

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Ministry of public security cracked 1 billion 400 million yuan major MLM MLM scam with electricity coat

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Chongqing broke the "return of the selected" pyramid selling case involving up to 11 billion 900 million

185 government website hackers cracked the 19 year olds make every thousand yuan


news review: 185 domestic government websites were hacked. Hackers compromised the government website, government website data or content tampering, guide buy false to the government website "verified" — they kidnapped the credibility of the government, the false into a "true" certificate. Ministry of public security will be classified as the case of the Ministry of supervision. After the case was cracked, the Ministry of public security recently organized a source of clues in the case – Jieyang held a press conference.

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185 the government website was hacked and cracked the case of 19 year olds make every thousand yuan

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and a number of government websites hacker organization "anonymous"


last year, 2807 government websites were tampered with

bullog.cn domain accident "rebirth" turned into "Tmall



news review: July 14th, bullog.cn founder Luo Yonghao Bo said, he suddenly found that bullog.cn domain bullog.cn has changed, became "Tmall network". Luo Yonghao >