From the outstanding foreign to the alleged pyramid scheme the Tang Dynasty case encountered qualita

after four days of wrangling, Jiangxi Life Investment Development Co. Ltd. has not yet concluded suspected pyramid selling case. In December 21st, this is known as "the country’s largest suspected MLM crime case case because the second defendant Liu Baohua because of ill in the court adjourned the court led to an emergency, on the other.

wonderful company through the Pacific direct purchase of the official network for e-commerce, was a direct sales of goods about 20000000 kinds, is China’s e-commerce platform for the development of super conventional business. By the time of the incident, a total of about 6000000000 companies involved in the case of a customer margin of about $6 million 760 thousand, involving members of the channel, the central cluster of consumer channels of the more than 120 thousand.

After four days of the

, the society and even public security are still two points. One view is that the company in the name of e-commerce to pull the head, suspected pyramid schemes, and the company’s actual loss of $1 billion 377 million; a view that this is a new direction in the development of electronic commerce China and the most advanced mode, with the current law "pyramid" completely different.

more than lawyers believe that this is China’s first case of e-commerce is particularly important crime, in the face of a new model of e-commerce is not precedent.

wonderful company chairman Tang Qingnan, also experienced a complex change from "Jiangxi ten outstanding foreign" to the prisoner.

repeated filing

for 3 years, the Pacific network from the electronic commerce website a unfamous do billions of scale.

according to the wonderful company insiders, the Pacific network is taken directly to the supplier price announced that all commercial profit basically returned to the consumer, can only rely on the margin of the promised cash flow to advance profit. Due to other distributors, electronic network vendors panic and siege, from home to abroad, there are people to report against the wonderful company marketing.

December 18, 2008, the Pacific straight purchase official online line. At its peak, the Pacific network has alliances with China Mobile, China Unicom, China China Telecom and other large enterprises, like and other large shopping sites to establish business cooperation, including the starry, American Camel, AFU and AFU brand Bosideng and many businesses, types of goods and services can provide up to about 20000000. Covers almost all aspects of social life.

in October 29, 2010, by the Jiangxi Provincial Association of industry and Commerce of the "Jiangxi ten and ten outstanding foreign influential man" award, Tang Qingnan. When he was riding high, but the crisis is quietly lurking.

June 24, 2010, Nanchang trade and Industry Bureau on suspicion of pyramid schemes, to the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau transferred to the case for criminal investigation, the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau subsequently filed. After five months of investigation and evidence collection, in November 11, 2010, the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau to the wonderful company and Tang Qingnan served