Four Guaixiang nternet network management Chinese mom jury

China’s Internet really rely on these 60 mothers to "young I young, as well as the young people" illustration / Wang Luxia

it’s not realistic for children to have access to computers.

established at the end of last year the domestic Internet "Mom jury" before the formal appointment, which has a Chinese characteristics ", again by the industry and the media attention. 60 members of the "Mom jury" on the domestic Internet will influence the mental health of minors to report content, review, and ultimately the formation of the relevant departments to give advice. However, many industry analysts expressed doubts, although the mother as a child "born protector", but they can do domestic Internet content "reviews"? In addition, the standard is not It differs from man to man. pornographic and vulgar, "bad sites", how their mothers in a word to judge


from the beginning of 2009, the relevant departments have introduced a number of new rules and methods of network management. However, several of them have been questioned. At the same time, a lot of hair for many years, is still half a pipa, the relevant departments of the language is also shy. Management and regulation on the Internet China in stumbled. Text / reporter quiet

: a strange phenomenon

mom jury

by the Beijing Internet Illegal and bad information reporting hotline last year and the formation of the formation of the mother jury official posts. According to the Beijing Network Media Association, the mother jury consists of 60 people, is recruited from the community after the selection of volunteers. The mother of 60 in a year and duration of employment on the Internet affect the mental health of minors to report content, review, formation of the disposal opinions to the relevant administrative departments, and supervise the implementation of the assessment results. The mother jury will take the principle of "children’s best interests first" as the basic principles.

at the same time, the relevant departments are working to develop a similar forum for the mother of the same online work platform, members can submit the report information, for a review of information.

The birth of the concept of

in the "Mom jury" at the beginning, it becomes the focus of criticism. Among them, the mother of the jury itself is authoritative, what is the "bad site" standards and other issues, many senior industry scholars deeply doubt. Some scholars said that the mother of the social role as a member of "hit the Internet Yellow vulgar jury", but not on behalf of the "jury" mothers’ values are different, the "vulgar" standard is not the same, "" Mom jury "to protect adults more than children on the grounds that the ultimate care, almost all Internet users Chinese".

in fact, from the review group "60" scale, compared with the Internet information content now massive as "mosquito with the cattle". And "don’t let go of a bad Web page", it is these 60 mother, really can give up with children, take care of the family, and even work time, to most of the domestic website >