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car home CEO Qin cause

car home CEO Qin cause

in recent years, rumors of an "vertical theory" has never been interrupted. Investors have been appreciated vertical website really cornered? Actually not. IResearch released from the "2012 economic report" Chinese network can understand that in 2012, the online advertising market reached 75 billion 310 million, the vertical industry website advertising share showed a slow decline, in 2011 fell 2.7%. Video, electricity providers and other community sites, snatch the traditional vertical website cake to a certain extent, on the other hand, promote the thinking and attempt of vertical sites on its development.

although the overall situation of the vertical site has declined, but there are many cases of better development, such as real estate and automotive category. China’s traditional enterprises are increasingly concerned about internet marketing, which is a great opportunity for vertical sites. Li Congshan, vice president of Baidu Marketing Institute also said that from the beginning of the first half of 2012 FMCG, automobile and bio medicine and other traditional type of business demand for Internet marketing growth rate even more than 3 times the Internet business.

careful observation of vertical sites, from the house to the car home, you can find that a relatively successful vertical site will always have a few similarities.

first, covering a larger proportion of industry users, and higher user viscosity.

second, the company’s brand value is highly recognized by the user.

third, in the industry, with the core competitiveness of products.

fourth, the most understanding of user needs, and can meet the needs of users.

fifth, the product can meet the needs of enterprise marketing.

Internet marketing has changed many traditional industries face, some even change is disruptive, such as retail, tourism, entertainment industry and so on, even the complexity of such resistance auto consumer products, in recent years, in the Internet marketing is also brewing in demand from the inside of the wave of innovation. But in practice, from the aspects of marketing, mode, concept and content of technology, the automotive industry and the FMCG marketing as the lifeline as compared to current not to fall leeward.


users to auto vertical sites just to understand some of the latest professional automotive information, can be better to choose a car; car is spotted this precise consumer groups, will be a lot of advertising expenses to vertical website. At present, Internet users demand increasingly diversified car, car users reach the purpose of the site is not limited to the acquisition of information, communication, vehicle riders additional product purchase demand is also increasing. The diversification of enterprises marketing demand, has become a driving force for automobile vertical website operation change.