Taobao wireless big reform shops can make their own membership card

[Reuters] the state power was once considered the "transaction customers" Taobao began to try to help sellers to retain their customers. Billion state power network has learned, released 2014 days before the wireless card, currently only 4 more than Taobao and Tmall open seller drill.


It is reported that

, a member of viscous management tools after Taobao platform has included gold coins, Tmall integral integral whole network types, users can use Taobao in any shop in Taobao integral consumption, is not conducive to a single store to form their own loyal customers. The wireless membership card is the shop for their own customers to issue a special certificate of rights, store wireless integration only in the store circulation, you can through the integration of activities, incentives have integral buyers to buy again.


Introduce, wireless membership card is the business to set membership interests in the collection of Taobao mobile phone carrier, with wireless terminal fixed flow entrance, members’ activity area, store the wireless integral function, enhance member two repurchase rate of four functions.


it is understood that the activation of the wireless card sellers set membership activities in the background of the CRM, the wireless terminal will have new activities in the listing page red card coupons package with reminder, click to enter the listing membership page, set membership store activity will show "new" activities to attract buyers into the shop.



addition, O2O shop online membership can bind wireless membership card and offline membership card, online and offline integration and interoperability, buyers online shop consumption can identify the use of two-dimensional code wireless card. At present, Taobao wireless membership cards Puka, silver, gold, platinum four models.


learned billion state power network, wireless card will be launched on the code dissemination function of the rights and interests of the members of VIP, and will be on the line at the end of August.