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This was not just a movement to reclaim Iran? resourcesbut a progressive alliance seeking to revamp Iranian society and government The coup overthrowing Mossadegh may have ended the National Fronts reign in powerbut it did not destroy Irans opposition politics In the 1960sanother crisis over foreign exploitation triggered yet another demand for democratic change The measure that sparked the crisis was legislation proposed by the shah exempting the US military presence from Iranian law It was then that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini stepped forth to lead a national coalition that quickly moved beyond Western encroachment and challenged the shahs rule The themes of American interference and the shahs dictatorial rule quickly mergedas democratic empowerment was seen as the true path to national sovereignty This same coalition later forged the 1979 revolutionwhose aspirations for democracy and the rule of law were usurped by agents of theocratic absolutism Like the dynasty it displacedthe Islamic Republic has been bedeviled by dissent By the early 1990san eclectic group of politiciansseminary leadersreligious scholars and intellectuals undertook an imaginative re-examination of the role of public participation in an Islamic government The challenge of the reformers was to reconcile two competing demands: On the one side was Islam with its holistic pretensions; on the other side was political modernity with its democratic claims In essencethe reformers claimed that these two realms were not incompatible in principle or practice This was a remarkable rebuke to totalitarian Islamwhich was increasingly serving as the regimes ideology The odyssey of the reform movement is as familiar as it is tragicas President Mohammad Khatami and his allies ultimately failed to adjust the parameters of Irans Islamist rule Howeverthe guardians of theocracy could not rest easilyas the reformers quickly gave way to an even more robust Green Movement In many waysthe Green Movement is a descendent and successor of all the previous political coalitions that have sought to liberalise Iran The regimeto be surehas managed to regain control of the streets through brute forceshow trials and repression Howeverwhat is important is that the Green Movement severed the essential link between state and society For longthe Islamic Republic sought to present itself as different from typical Middle East autocraciesbecause its electoral procedures provided it with a veneer of legitimacy That legitimacyalong with the republican pillar of the statehas evaporated For nowthe Islamic Republic endures The mixture of strident nationalism and Islamism that has guided its foreign policy for the past three decades remains intact But beneath the facade of order and stability the clerical state continues to face a deep crisis of legitimacy It is impossible to predict whether the Green Movement will revive But whatever its fatehistory suggests that another social movement is lurking around the cornerready to challenge the clerics RAY TAKEYH is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

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