Zhu Wenle teach you to use the first three steps of love Shanghai Encyclopedia seckill

The third step:

love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings, we are very clear, Shanghai love their own products, if no accident, has been ranked first, a lot of Shanghai dragon feel love Shanghai ranking than Wikipedia, is a powerful thing, there are a lot of people think that after more than love Shanghai encyclopedia may be ranked harmonious off, are unfounded. Where there is love Shanghai so empty to deal with you a small website, people siege teacher are very busy! A little pull away, ha ha, now officially entered.

second: we add it to the Shanghai dragon encyclopedia articles in URL, such as: 贵族宝贝baike.baidu贵族宝贝/view/1047d6%ec%ce%c4%c0%d6.htm, if you are using Google or Firefox browser, can be directly behind the keywords in the URL digital encyclopedia written note: no matter in what way must be added, plus behind the numbers, because the numbers in front of corresponding Wikipedia entries, in front of the digital variable, you modify the keywords Wikipedia entry is changed. Figure:


look at the picture below, have found that there is a problem with the URL

concluded that this approach is not successful in all one hundred percent, but you can batch to do, there will be a lot of will "


I am not a hacker, just on the search engine ranking is sensitive to it, Shanghai Longfeng work has been fourth years, although in Shanghai Longfeng have what celebrity blog was also closed, if the blog is now one, now has fourth independent blog to write, if write again give you a burst Mengliao, teach you how to use the first three steps of love Shanghai Encyclopedia seckill.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia URL wood wood with a Chinese characters? The name of the site, there are wood! Have! Love is still love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of black Shanghai and nervous? In fact are not English today, Shanghai dragon will teach you how to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia URL plus do you want a word, just a few steps:

: you want to find the keywords ranking, the keywords in the UrlEncode encoding, GB2312 Oh! "Zhu Wenle" as an example, after transcoding for%d6%ec%ce%c4%c0%d6".

URL is now fully open, like the original, go to the URL link now, waiting for the love of Shanghai after the update, you will find that the URL will replace the original love Shanghai entry, a URL in your keywords, which are not his once the URL changes, replacing the original Encyclopedia URL, the first is forever branded on your keywords.

The first step of