How to be love sharing website of Shanghai alliance members

form is submitted, the love of Shanghai suggested that in 1 days to review, so I will just have to wait. In fact, when I submit the application, I did not hold out much hope, because before I think we all love Shanghai alliance, difficult to pass, and. Above Taobao love Shanghai alliance account even sold 250 yuan. Below is the love of Shanghai alliance registration confirmation message:

Analysis of

, I successfully entered the next step, asked to fill in the payee bank accounts and other relevant information, finally to verify the mobile phone number, mobile phone verification after clicking the submit form to (I am not here to provide screenshots).



so I didn’t take this thing to heart. Straight.


flow analysis I love to

my site (Taoge registration code) April 24th:

traffic in April 27th:


Although The

, I put my love for the detailed steps to describe the Shanghai alliance.

finally, I consider that foreign space "the input in the input record number places, unable to record" these eight words, as follows:


, my site from the opening to now also only a short time of 4 months and the end of March, when my site is 301 redirect to a new domain name (www.tgzcm贵族宝贝), a new domain name is registered just. Also, the average daily amount of visit my website also hundreds of independent IP, the biggest day visit to IP 693, the Alexa website ranking in 2 million, the most important thing is, my site didn’t record.



in April 24, 2012, Shanghai union submitted my application for membership site, on the second day, which is April 25th, I was excited, my website was approved, I officially became a member of the Shanghai union family love.

then enter the website domain name, website and verify the ownership of the site name, type, description, site visits, finally, is the most critical point, required to fill out the website for the record, it got me stumped, because my site is no record, no record number, if not fill you can submit information, go to the next step, if you fill out a record number of false, I love Shanghai to the Ministry’s website, Shanghai will eventually love for my love for Shanghai and cheating site because of failure.


first, we open the love Shanghai League home page (address everyone you know), as shown below: