nterpretation a simple summary of Shanghai Dragon Figure

6, flow, to enhance the ranking. The user must you, he will love you, click on your search, you. Search for you, the ranking will be due to the.

7, have included rankings, can help. More and more pages to get ranked, weights in the corresponding promotion, search engine more comfortable for you, new pages and content more easily be included.

how can the most simple to speak to the Shanghai dragon network series? And can speak organized and clear? This is the company prior to the second picture editor of Shanghai Longfeng share, this figure is a triangle, which contains the core of Shanghai dragon noun and its relationship, I do not know if I have spoken very well, but I know that this map read web series must have a future.

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3, a ranking, not necessarily flow. Someone needs to search keywords, some people also need to search someone clicks, people also need to click click is you.

1, included, rankings, traffic is a complete Shanghai dragon optimization process of three points, the complex relationship between fixed and inevitable, is also a chance.

is a big triangle in the middle of a small triangle, namely love Shanghai, 360 search, sogou. The relationship between the short term this three major search engines is strong, won’t have too big change, also did not see signs of the fourth, all Shanghai Longfeng future work around them.

4, there is traffic, not necessarily included. But you can win the customers love and share, from the chain, search engine will also love love users.

5 is included, can bring flow. The content is good, users will share with the chain flow, there will always be.

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2, are included, not necessarily rankings. Need weight, weight need to accumulate. This road, how rough, only oneself know.

In turn,