Shanghai Longfeng inventory in 2011 ten major areas of Shanghai Longfeng event

, a Google PR value update

But since then it seems

2011 is in the past, many websites are busy doing a year end summary and inventory, for people who understand the Shanghai dragon is also necessary to the development of Shanghai dragon circle, at least know the past year Shanghai dragon is how the development and changes, as well as some important events happened in Shanghai dragon industry. Xiao Jun will share with everyone several events of the 2011 Shanghai Longfeng area, look together.

three, Shanghai dragon WHY ranking fluctuation

Google PR value updated for the first time in January 21st, the PR update is updated for the first time after a lapse of six months, to expect or need PR webmaster, it is Google to send you the new year in the year of the rabbit, because the update interval is too long, it seems from the beginning, he inspired everyone began to fade the role of PR in atmosphere, but begin to display talents.

After the

two, sina Shanghai, Shanghai dragon love in SEM training


PR update is no rule, in two months have greatly small three update, many new sites between the night from 0 to 3 or 4 directly Biao, once again let everyone believe that new sites have good PR is not a legend, but this update also let a few times in the eyes of PR weakened. The role of the owners or even ignore, even once because Google changed the API interface and PR query came to cancel the PR value of the news.

corpuscles, they two rarely heard this news, and I do not know when the Sina Shanghai dragon certification training channel and SEM training channel has long been closed, now only has access to "end".

as one of the Shanghai dragon circle the highest authority of the Shanghai dragon website, Shanghai dragon WHY for the development of domestic Shanghai dragon can speak of the pivotal role, because some of the stone silence, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng WHY became the most popular web site ER, regardless of learning or communication. It is also because the worship of Shanghai Longfeng WHY itself in Shanghai Longfeng deep on the Shanghai dragon staff, Shanghai dragon word ranked highest for two years in Shanghai and Google, though.


‘s latest update PR is November 8th.

in 2011 should be Shanghai dragon training relatively popular in the 1990s, apart from the rest of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, even one of the four major portals and search engine Sina Chinese boss also involved in this, to tell you the truth had heard the news really shocked. Most people think this is in the competition, small and medium sized Shanghai dragon training institutions, in other words, love Shanghai from Sina’s perspective, may be in the standard industry, after all, they give people the feeling of noble birth authority with a large margin, but also by the professional certificate issued by industry, is attracting a lot of people.