Talk about how to improve the quality of bidding keywords love Shanghai

4. is generally low many units or plan set price. I have a new one account the first time the price term unified set of the entire account is 5 yuan. A few days later did not promote the quality of the original account dips, I thought it was my idea or key problem, tried countless ways or invalid, eventually had to love Shanghai customer service consulting, customer service directly to a Beijing you only a 5 yuan to go, then I put all words in all accounts high, not two days of recovery and quality. This phenomenon often occurs in some big city.

3. creative or keywords to the URL page address. For example, open the page or lapsed into unfavorable promotion status. It also has a relationship with your web server, the website must regularly check your account and you point to the validity of the URL. If often unable to respond or URL you have been removed or failure to replace the URL immediately, so as to ensure the stability of the quality of your account.


in Shanghai for the background update, we are most concerned about is how to improve the quality of key words and keywords quality degrees why 1. I love Shanghai for the background according to the operation experience in the first half of this year since, the preliminary draw the following several cases will result in account the quality of the keywords into 1 degree, we can only find out why the keywords was adjusted according to the causes of the account, the quality of the key words of recovery.

A problem with the

5. is the most common situation is the creative unit needs to be updated, you can replace several creative. I can’t, I believe we will do better than me. When replacing the creative to improve the keywords >

1. free promotion position in Shanghai love search results. Many love Shanghai bidding operators first saw the quality of the key words of decline, began to increase the price to change the idea, but still did not change the quality of exchange. But now Shanghai will not love those keywords promotion after a period of time of quality directly into 1, then no matter how you add price change even for creative unit is of no use. I usually see a quality degree is 1 words will have to love the sea search to see whether there is a promotion, it will save a lot of valuable time to adjust other keywords.

classification in the 2. unit is not reasonable. Must ensure that the basic word structure keywords of each unit of roughly the same, the same part of speech. This is that most operators are aware of the bidding, structure and classification of a keyword in the unit directly affects your entire unit of all keywords quality degrees. The classification unit is good, you or even just two ideas, the entire unit of quality can reach 3. For example: Beijing gynecology hospital, Haidian gynecology hospital, Fengtai gynecology hospital, Chaoyang Hospital of Department of gynaecology such a class, for instance: stem cells for the treatment of brain injury, stem cells in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, stem cells for the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction stem cells for the treatment of such a class.

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