Friendly to effectively adjust the station search engine for website promotion details

as everyone knows, website optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization of the two key links, as a new website to put aside the conventional construction process optimization and the chain construction content, the site itself code and details of the structure adjustment to the search engine spiders, increase the spider grab is to obtain the efficiency of indirect search engine favor, as a webmaster how to adjust our web page, do the routine optimization before details of work? I think we should through the analysis of several aspects, we’re short continued to enter today’s theme of gossip.

third, try not to use a large number of dynamic address forms ". Many enterprise website for the details are not very familiar with, as an optimization personnel if the enterprise.

first, use the nofollow attribute to shield the spider grab page. We know the website optimization many times we wish to turn our news list page, the product page presented to our users, these pages we carefully the update and keywords of the layout, is to be collected after exposure in front of the user, and for some specific pages just have to make in order to need artists such as Flash page JS, script code pages and user registration and advertising pages, these details we do not want to be the search engine spiders crawl and so on, because code search engine crawling process for JS or a large number of flash code capture efficiency is very low, the impact of these hinder the efficiency spider spider grab page we can the nofollow attribute for the good filtering property of the nofollow is to clearly tell the spider these pages station Long do not want the search engine and calculating the weights, when the spider when confronted with noffolow links can be directly ignored. This will indirectly promote the efficiency of the crawling spider crawl the other pages, so the reasonable use of noffolow website optimization will do the basic work.

second, website 301 jump set essential. We know that the website is a common thing, with the development of "the era of production becomes more and more fancy, prior to the establishment of the site may not cater to the aesthetic thought of the current user, we will make appropriate adjustments to the site or revision of this time, the biggest problem is the website after the previous included page will appear a lot of unable to open the situation, in order to better inherit the page weight before, will involve the jump page. We know that the way to achieve common jump there are many, for example, can be achieved through the JS code, can also be achieved by refreshing way, but although these practices can achieve the purpose, but the love of Shanghai is not respected in this way, we use the best love Shanghai approved 301 redirection for the jump page, not before in the use of all 301 page to the new page, this way can be reasonable and natural inheritance weights before we web pages, transfer weight is the recommended way to love Shanghai very much.