BBS signature chain is canceled or down right


, the first hit Shanghai dragon website, blog, win more users bidding;

3, love does not necessarily solve the technical problems of Shanghai, Shanghai to love how to distinguish the signature of the chain and Links other links with the door? The teacher’s words: "the link has no value, should not exist in.

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3, day and night will not in the grassroots effort spent in the Forum: irrigation, buy top stick machine, looking for the original website posted website and so on, we will have more time to manage their own, looking for the chain form of higher quality, and that the site has better performance.

1, the chain is in order to attract more users to find their own website by clicking on the link, since its original intention is reasonable, we should not because he is wrong to deny its importance.

second, for love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain tools just launched.

1, cancel the BBS signature of the chain weight, the forum will become more harmonious, post, reply and other waste can be reduced greatly, thereby reducing the forum management experience.

asked the community to see today in the search only brother asked: "the chain effect forum signature may be zero, how do you see?" this article is combined with some ideas of many friends and your ideas to express some feelings. Some time ago love Shanghai announcement was directed at the chain of cheating, when there are friends and I exchange, now think about your idea is too simple, Baidu is not a fool. Now that love Shanghai to fight outside the chain of cheating update has two reasonable explanation:

What is

2, left to the forum users is really to share and exchange users, not only can give the users (or owners) to provide more high quality articles, share experiences and skills, but also harmonious our network environment.

both love Shanghai’s motives, its sword pointing to the chain, we do the webmaster should be careful to do outside the chain, as the owners of the grass family, almost no friends do not know the forum outside the chain, some are on the forum posts, more exist in their own signature, if you can come to the conclusion: if a webmaster forum for signature with web site, its users will lose a lot, because we are not the purpose of exchange but the chain

Do foreshadowing Talk about the feasibility of

to cancel the forum signature chain effect is not feasible:

2, love Shanghai proposed the application to use the machine to produce a large number of Posts outside the chain, but love Shanghai how to distinguish machine or manual release issued? The key in a "large", how to judge? Some time, one day can be a forum in reply to hundreds of reply, this is the machine manual or

to cancel the forum signature chain effect: