Some of the formal study of Shanghai dragon after the novice

secondly, during the study could not remember impetuous, learn anything overnight. Learn not to gamble, a Yiyao dice bell will know the result. As the old saying goes, Shanghai dragon is the proof of the pudding time effect. At the beginning of learning, my approach is also very eager to follow the teacher’s day, see the effect, but the effect is not ideal, I also once had thought of giving up, after all the training is to spend money, but I still insist on down, with learning skills increase day by day, Shanghai Longfeng effect is more and more obvious the.

again, is to execute the unremittingly, the so-called recoge, say there is no use, for example, the teacher told us that it is important to write text, we know how important it is, but to write text and >

first, to clear the purpose of learning Shanghai dragon, it is best to target specific. For example, I study Shanghai dragon is to improve my love Shanghai weight, improve the amount included in the search engine. Another is the Shanghai master basic skills dragon optimization, detailed record. Of course, everyone is different, I belong to the rookie level, so the teacher for me is the new content, I will record, of course if you have mastered the basic knowledge, it can enhance the skills of some methods.

then, for the content of the training is to use, according to their actual situation, not necessarily all single reception. For example, in the basic curriculum of Teacher Li said in the registration and message management should be strictly controlled to prevent the flood, of course this for high weight website is no ground for blame, but for some of the new station is clearly not feasible, because we rely on user traffic and is not enough, if set too many rules to limit, will affect the further the expansion of new sites, in a word, knowledge is dead, but the use is flexible.

contact network has been there for many years, but this is the contact of Shanghai Longfeng months, others see the website of IP Montreal days rash and too much in haste, fly, advertisement received endless, natural money. After I heart action, in the construction site to the layman I abruptly according to their master pointing steps, buy domain name, buy space, buy program, make a website of their own. At that time thought I have the website content, creative, there will be Everfount users join, Everfount views, as long as the advertising in waiting for the money. But instead, the site opened a week is still desolate, I began to analyze, inadvertently exposed to a forum mainly introduces Shanghai Longfeng optimization and network promotion, I discovered the fact that the site is not the most important, it is important to Shanghai Longfeng optimization and network promotion. I participated in the forum provided by the Shanghai dragon training, just know that Shanghai dragon is so important to the website, there are people who Knowledge is infinite., I would say I participate in some of the experience of Shanghai Longfeng after training experience, hope and encouragement for this is all new, Knowledge has no limit..