Small and medium enterprise website optimization strategies four

in the opinion of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a two word, a word that means "update", of course, this update contains the station outside the station and the station outside the station is updated, the content that is outside the chain. The two refers to the user and search engine, the good users say, users feel good search engine will also feel good, not to please the latter make some people cannot read things on their own website, do some things jiezeeryu. No matter how much business, the website main keywords generally chosen to locate 3-6 (choose to follow the principle of maximum flow), and then through the description information of keywords and long tail keywords radiation. In row >

1. found the opportunity, grasp the market

hero, grasp the pulse of the times people must be a great man, the development and progress of mankind to let us in the post industrial era ushered in a Bill Gates, then Gates failed to grasp the information after the pulse of the times, so that a company called noble baby exclusive world Internet world champion. Although not everyone has the opportunity to grasp the pulse of the times, but I believe that everyone has a chance to focus on a field, hold one of their own market, to achieve their life value from it, we thank love Shanghai in his fortune but also did not forget the people who want to make the network love it, Shanghai index provides a free market analysis, flow analysis platform, these free data for us to grasp the network market has played a pivotal role. Word analysis flow, according to the actual experience of personal analysis conversion rate and volume ratio of about. To assess your own pockets more drums on the line.

in this booming e-commerce today, in the face of numerous Internet companies listed on NASDAQ and IPO, in the face of this one Yiwanbaiwan millionaire continue to emerge, as many small and medium-sized enterprises are planning their network development path, although they did not listed goals but they have profit pressure, there is an urgent wish to contain the competitors, in the traditional means are exhausted and, when entering a long stalemate, they focus on the field of the Internet has grown from a concern has become an urgent and hard demand, this demand is also changing the fate of a small and medium sized enterprises, how to increase the cost too much the case, as far as possible to gain more returns, is a problem that most directly appear in front of them, the network marketing. Although the method is more widely around, but from the introduction of capital investment and talent perspective and not every enterprise is willing to invest so much money, even if the investment output ratio high marketing costs will also be put a headache problem in front of them, on the personal experience of small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly excessive increase in network marketing costs, but do not try feeling modern marketing methods and new methods of small and medium-sized enterprises should really put the site optimization do fine bigger.

2. selected subjects, make home