The basic points of enterprise homepage layout

home page with two or three columns for

navigation using mixed mode placement

Vertical navigation

module layout considerations

The front page of

navigation station layout of enterprises are generally divided into horizontal navigation, the middle of the head (side navigation), the bottom of the bottom navigation. Throughout the enterprise station is mostly used dual navigation mode, better search engine optimization ideas, now rarely see single navigation mode, the enterprise station due to the above screen number limit, led directly to the home page keyword layout is too low, the author suggested that the enterprise stand with the bottom navigation (may be appropriate to increase the keyword density, and according to the simulation of search engine crawling mode, namely the search engine finally climbed to the bottom of the home, so at the bottom of a layout within the chain navigation is necessary, i.e.) three models of hybrid layout.

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home screen is a complete number of users to browse page to a drop height divided by the height of the screen, a lot of enterprises that station site level should not be too deep, otherwise not included, so the page layout a lot of screen plate, led to the old long, but to screen a disproportionate number of sites, users generally do not drop too long and even jump out, and set the weight to the module to each module is small, it will make all of the keywords within the page to get good rankings, for the home screen a number of small and medium enterprises proposed layout of station between one to two for good.

afternoon and customer chat that customers have a do for enterprise promotion station recently burn burned badly, the specific situation is the auction enterprise station daily hit rate is very high, but every single transaction is not enough promotion expenses, by analyzing to the station first page layout is in a complete mess, go in is a big flash, occupy a screen, there is only one horizontal navigation website, and keyword set is very fuzzy, through data analysis that the website jump out rate of more than eighty percent, the author thinks that the page layout is not good cause of burn, in this case the author here to talk about the enterprise homepage layout the basic points.

Enterprise Station home page module should not be excessive; key module to display on the upper left corner (the most important product module as product navigation in the form of side navigation display); try to distinguish between home and the middle module of the module, this layout is conducive to the user experience; Links at the bottom of the module must be placed at the beginning of footer should be placed in the back, because I think the entire home left.

in the home bar layout, most enterprises station is used in the two column, many owners are opposed by the other two layout, that the bar is the best, in fact, the enterprise stand for column layout this application is very flexible, there is no fixed layout requirements, often according to the quantity you need to show the relevant module. I think the two column or three column can be.

screen number as no more than two screen