Shanghai Longfeng exclusive chain the use of dry cargo voting model new fast ranking operation

preferred, from the official told us the information that the chain is effective user recommendation, and the garbage chain mostly exists in the collection link, search results link, and cheating in most of the chain in the black chain, standing outside the chain. Today we use the model to think about the topic for discussion behind the two, we only discuss the first chain form, also is we often say that the chain.

see here, I want to have a lot of friends will then say, quick click ranking can do the same, of course, here I hereby declare that, since it is outside the chain to operate the new fast voting model ranking, so we do not click traffic related to the operation of the station in any way ranking.

this year I made a lot of contributions in Lu Songsong blog article including a dry cargo, called "Shanghai dragon chain algorithm exclusive secret", which referred to a lot of friends may not think to the point, I believe, in the search engine optimization, when any one point optimization to maximize your ranking to your ultimate stand out.

in September this year, a new station, so far, has been more than a month, but the core word ranking is very good, we first look at the basic data of the website, as shown below:



I often see the friends may know, I love to contribute with nature of the case released some articles, do Shanghai Longfeng, unlike other industries, the best way is to talk about technology to take out the ranking case, that can be persuasive enough to write this article.


when we open the official made the literature can be seen, the basic form of the chain can be divided into normal chain (the chain), the chain of garbage, cheat three forms of chain.

When I started The


in 2013, the official release of Shanghai love such a document called on the chain to determine: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/college/articleinfo? Id=33/, so today I will love the Shanghai official information revealed by assuming the new model to share with you how I use the chain to operate the new fast ranking voting model the.


search engine it is just an artificial development out of the program, but this program will make more intelligent possible to simulate artificial variable, so we in the chain at the same time, we must follow the so-called artificial intelligence chain, the only way to make our release more effectively, more real.