Search engine optimization new term marketing SOM


new term: SOM= Shanghai dragon +SEM

I have been immersed in the electricity network marketing industry since 05 years, and have also considered the ponder". From the early "love" to the crazy Shanghai dragon, to develop network marketing solutions to the enterprise. Large and small sites also play less than a hundred, the success and failure have a lot of experience. To sum up in 5 words to describe is "pain and happiness". Experience is a kind of precious wealth, will make you a lifetime.

marketing is the goal, the optimization means. The optimization objective is to better marketing! In general, as long as carried out around the search engine marketing strategy can be defined as SEM. just around the search engine optimization strategies can be defined as the Shanghai dragon.

in Shanghai this year, the search engine conference, to hear a call center business experts engaged in making the standard speech. Suddenly discovered that the search engine marketing industry in China seems to have been a lack of industry standards. In the absence of a sound standard, in the Shanghai dragon SEM training or outsourcing companies seem to be talking, self-contained. If things go on like this, will not be conducive to the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Therefore, the individual thinks by an industry association organization led the development of industry standards and norms, it is necessary.

2. Shanghai dragon today is also a more marketing strategy (few people in Shanghai and Shanghai to Phoenix, Shanghai dragon dragon) is for the purpose of direct or indirect SEM.

love Shanghai has put its search bidding system called SEM, the natural ranking called Shanghai Longfeng. Most of the webmaster is so understanding. But from the view of interpretation, I think SEM is the integration of the dragon and Shanghai. You have me, I have you. Why?

so, standing in the above point of view, SEM and Shanghai dragon is not contradictory. The two are complementary to each other. I will be the two nouns from the interpretation of merger, and give a new term for unified SOM, namely.

today, SOM proposed a new term, in fact, as early as 08 years to think about, but not released to the public. Over the years, the current situation of the development of the search industry that I think it is necessary to put forward the term open now. The hope for the industry standard to make their own modest. No matter you like or not like, agree or disagree. Want to treat gently. What was the fewest. Of course, I am very happy to you on my collar (weibo贵族宝贝/albertsem) put forward their own views, common efforts for the development of health industry


1.SEM search engine optimization bidding also covers the contents, such as keyword optimization, optimization and quality of creative.