The three Shanghai dragon cheat and harm

three: the hidden


there is a hidden keyword method is put in the background picture, it can produce great doubts on the search engine, reduces the possibility of K site early, let your website gain longer


hidden links and hidden keywords purpose is the same, is to let the search engines to crawl, but does not affect the user experience, to know more links, the weight of this web page will be higher, the search engine will be more easily included such web page! The hidden links are not for their own website but, using someone else’s site to do the black chain, so as to give their own profit! So if you want to help yourself website optimization words through hidden links, but also requires a certain ability of hackers, but now there are many sell black chain! You can also get some help in

usually keyword density is high, can effectively improve the weight of these sites, but if a large number of stack keywords in an article in the words, then it will affect the user experience, so we can use the method of hidden keywords, so that users can not see, but the search engine to see, which will increase the weight of a web page this method, hidden is actually very simple, as long as the text becomes very small, and will become the color of the text and background color, natural user will not see, but the search engine will be able to see the


webmaster has certain programming ability, also is the entrance on the site you need to set up a decision mechanism, if the spider come to your website, you can provide some very good optimization "to the search engine, but there is no way to see these pages for users, these pages it is often hidden to the user, and when you find the user to click on your website, you can provide a very good user experience settings page to the user, in order to retain old customers, improve the flow! This method is the difficulty of obviously than the front two to difficult, but the effect will be better than the previous two

is better! page as a wholeThis method requires

two: hidden links

website there are two schools, one is a garbage station, in a short time to make their sites get good rankings, then get a lot of traffic, so as to earn a lot of money in a few months, the schools not to put the site bigger and stronger, but the method of travel on the enemy retreats into the enemy tired I dozen! And another genre is steadfast website, want to go right through their own efforts to make their sites, so as to obtain continuous profitability! For the two schools, optimization of the Shanghai dragon are using different optimization methods in Shanghai Longfeng! Here we come the first schools, often called the Shanghai dragon


: a hidden key words

again, for a webmaster, if you choose to do so in the garbage station, you can use a variety of optimization of Shanghai dragon was considered to be cheating.