Three good classification information website optimization

classified information website there are two common problems:

page directory names

met a lot of classified information site, updated daily 1-2 article, ha ha, a new station on the line, so the frequency is very suitable for the enterprise stand for. But you are the classification of information station, Shanghai love on this site type is easy to recognize, imagine efforts to update a formal classification information website every day is like. Not only a few long article in the column on the solution. From this point of view, at least to send several posts in each column in the daily information classification.

Directory > page

classified information website know keywords, but look at the names of class names, class a lot of long tail keywords, long tail keywords such as search index for the 89 love Shanghai "Kunming stylist", can see competitors are few. Although there are 58 city, but it points to open the content page, found only a shell, not a post. Hard to dig regional keywords like this, certainly there will be a windfall.

classified information network currently seems to have been Ganji, 58 city sites such large monopoly, but the classification information for local, or have to do. For example, friends of the "Chongqing second-hand it forum", using the classification of information niche of breakthrough, to unite the users to use the forum, a steady flow of 10 thousand IP per day, income is also good. Of course, this belongs to the operation and positioning of the network information classification problem. The location, how to make the website development strong, Shanghai dragon is the site must work. Today to share with you, how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng classified information website.

are common in Shanghai Longfeng mistakes, of course, only by this means is certainly not. The classification of information network to break through, or start from the long tail keywords. Three a long tail strategy:

These two problems of

The Optimization of An important process of our

: the new station on the line, the daily updated data

, 1 +

website is not easy to be included in

2, catalog page

website search engine optimization is the core index included problems. Of course, the factors included a great impact, but for the classification of information website, the content is too simple, repeated words too, is the main reason for not included. You see the website information, such as rental class, the usual practice is to give you a table, let you fill in the rental housing have how many rooms, how much is the rent, furniture and home appliances etc.. Such information with Ganji, 58 city a form, but you have the weight of others high? Ganji贵族宝贝 just released a message is seconds, but just the website, want to through this very difficult content included. In addition, the same nature of the template, such as the sale of second-hand housing, is very similar, it also increases the rate of "similar, let included lower.