Leveraging the blog promotion strategies to enhance the website weight method

second, after adding a chain, this construction can not ignore the blog content, after all, do blog maintenance than web site maintenance is more simple, the maintenance is the core content of the blog update, if when the blog after building a chain, to achieve the transfer of weight, if not continue to update the contents of this blog, so on the weight contribution is very low. Of course, the blog content must pay attention to the relevant degree, you can choose to be an entertainment gossip blog to import website those professional technology, the import of this blog is not able to import even weight, may have a negative effect.

when a website set up after the success of the webmaster friends want most is the result of the rapid promotion website ranking, so Everfount profit website. So many webmaster began to learn a variety of methods to enhance the website ranking, even in order to realize the rank of the website, choose some black hat optimization method, which makes website ranking can get some improvement in the short term, but from a long-term point of view, these black hat optimization site can easily be found in Shanghai love, led by K.

now the popular method to improve website ranking is mainly Shanghai dragon optimization rely on, this way is very important for the grassroots webmaster, and to compare the relative cost low, so it is very suitable for the use of grassroots webmaster. In fact, many Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the construction of the chain is undoubtedly an important link, but with the correlation of love Shanghai foreign chain construction of higher requirements, but also for the quality of the chain also higher, so I want to through the construction of the chain to achieve weight into difficulty also began to rise.

first, enhance the richness of the blog content. Whether the third party blog or personal independence blog, if there is no rich content, then this blog is basically included in the waste site ranks, that is to say if Shanghai does not fully trust the love of your blog, and included in your blog, the blog chain point to your target is a station very dangerous, because the love of Shanghai for the chain of garbage strike is very strict, so only when the weight of the blog, and can obtain the love of Shanghai, then again in unidirectional chain import, can play a good weight transfer effect.

third, select the appropriate third party blog. This is actually the clever webmaster, basically not a problem, because the third party blog is the higher the visibility of the blog is better, such as Sina, NetEase and Sohu and Phoenix four well-known portal.

if the webmaster is still suffering the high quality of the chain construction, the weights of the import, now could be the sorrow away, because the weight of import blog still has a good effect, is undoubtedly a very important way to select the third party blog or independent blog, but also the majority of grassroots webmaster can control. So how to make the blog for the weights of the import? Specifically from the following link to.