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2, web crawling pressure, recommend the use of grasping pressure feedback tools.

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1, at the beginning of July 2012, for the large area K station, Shanghai love Engineer Lee position in Webmaster Platform are harming the complaint channel, at the same time: after.

can feedback from the website drop-down selection have been verified by the website, this wonderful experience.

3, the site was attacked, worried about the impact of the search rankings, recommend the use of website security testing tools.

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not only can use web search complaints, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform verification, the death does not come into effect, use love Shanghai to share problems of installation, validation, data statistics and so on can be complaints.


complaint address is 贵族宝贝zz.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback/index, a new platform based on the web search, the products are divided into Webmaster Platform and love Shanghai love Shanghai share three. Each type of complaints has a guide, conveniently and clearly describe the problem.

web search complaint lists the common traffic anomaly, included problems, title and abstract abnormal, the safety tips are also listed. Safety tips to love Shanghai by third party (computer housekeeper, SCANV etc.), before many owners encounter this kind of problem should not know to love Shanghai or go to the third party complaint complaint. Taobao even many sellers do not know how to use the webmaster complaints situation, offer 200-500 specifically to deal with such problems. Now the majority of owners will not spend the money.

action love Shanghai and stationmaster interactive or become the norm

at the same time, "the complaint with the webmaster tools together, prompting complaints people use webmaster tools to self-examination after complaints:

half a year ago, Shanghai love to stationmaster feeling has been very mysterious. Love in June 22, 2012 a large area of Shanghai K station began to fall in love with the sea, and actively communicate webmaster. Throughout the first half of this year, making many moves to love Shanghai:

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website has a large number of links to be included, recommend the use of chain tools.

the evening of January 7th, love Shanghai upgrade webmaster center. This upgrade will love Shanghai webmaster complaints from the complaint center (tousu.baidu贵族宝贝) in peel, formally incorporated into the Shanghai Webmaster Platform in love. With the chief complaint center of independent, open and interactive love between Shanghai and the webmaster or become the norm.

after complaints, complaints can be in my view further processing status.

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