Page ranking optimization operation will learn strategies

page ranking operation

2. pages link to the location of the entrance, the inside pages of most viewed page, a fixed position on the front page of the.

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is the general flow details page page page ranking for drainage consulting. The information page to get good rankings mainly depends on the quality of content, to meet the needs of users. If our information page is collected, we must learn to do the difference. From the expression format, give added value, page pictures, video etc.. So I have no people, I have excellent people. Some of the product information page, we can guide the amount into the page, such as the product page, page price. You can also put some related links and information content of the recommended product.

details page ranking operation


table detailing each picture, name, unit price, and some products need to customize if there is no fixed price, or the price is not convenient announced on the Internet, we can make a call, let users click the query.

product page must be the introduction of the product (front and side product pictures, product specifications, models, specific parameters). The product page can add some product advantages, services to create atmosphere transformation. Some of the guests to see, but not necessarily buy, then we have to create the atmosphere of why buy now, the best way is to give the user benefits, such as: immediately after work, and enjoy a 20 percent off discount. A day before the 5 purchase, minus 200 and so on, can also write some new marketing sentences.


sometimes we update an article, it was soon to the home page, and soon fell down. Estimated that many people have touched the reason. Because the content of our hair has timeliness, scarcity. The timeliness of the information is only for certain period of time the decision with the value of the property, as well as well-known mobile phone XX today released a new mobile phone, will certainly have a search, and you also sent an article like this, so ranking is very fast up. Another is the scarcity of content, a domestic airline stewardess XX some time ago a very fire, became a hot topic, people everywhere to find resources. If we send a title for a domestic airline stewardess door video XX full version, to ensure that you are soon to the home page, immediately detonated site traffic. Because this was very scarce resources.

page ranking operation

product page ranking operation

1. values: the page content value meets the needs of users

case page ranking operation

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page case we can do effect before use effect and effect after use. Comparison and contrast products, products of the same type, highlight the advantages of their products. Join the video presentation, more detailed, more real. A case can be made into a separate page, you can also add a case on the product page.

decided to have two pages ranking: