Teach you how to break the bottleneck of website optimization



in the chain, in fact many beginners even entry have been friends for a long time are rarely pay attention to this point that as long as the content of a web site, the chain, the site’s ranking will naturally come up, in fact it is not so.

, speaking, I want to say is I see a lot of the site has a large part of the site were collected, in which a part is completely didn’t do any modification collected, but the station ranking is generally not very good, one part is the result of a little bit of pseudo original, these sites have some good rankings rankings too, and those in good sites are basically their own original content, and is of high quality, in this blog is very obvious, said it is trying to tell you to break the bottleneck the content can not be ignored, every day to increase the intensity of the original site, try to ensure that fresh blood, but the content should focus on the theme of this process, I got a personal test The engine cycle is a month, in an update cycle engine must adhere to every day, but from time to time quantitative

said he will break is also very simple, or from the several ways, the chain, chain, user experience and behavior if you feel that your web site bottleneck that appeared from the above several aspects of analysis and improvement, it must be

many webmaster friends doing a station after a certain period of time will appear in the optimization bottleneck. Optimization of the bottleneck, I give it a definition is that when you in optimizing a website in accordance with the methods and steps of previous day but ranking weight flow rate is not increased, always at a fixed value fluctuation, it also included when less, but the snapshot is updated every day or, if this is the case I put he defined as optimization bottleneck.

today I went from me a singing before optimization software website and we do that to talk about how I break the bottleneck, in fact, any website he has a optimization bottleneck, if it breaks, it will be a qualitative leap.


chain, this I believe that do Shanghai Longfeng children’s shoes are very clear, it is necessary, I want to say here is when your site after a few months or even longer, if you have every day in the original chain resources in the web site, is easy to appear the chain optimization bottleneck. Then you need to do is to look for the new chain resources, new link channels, simply say that if is the main blog and forum that you do with the chain, then you can consider other channels, such as quiz now, such as commercial publishing platform, the replacement of the chain channel, so as to avoid all the chain website to myself in the Forum blog! If you use a lot of the description text links, you need to do now is to increase the number of non text chain. In a word is a great deal of research links others, so as to increase the site chain quantity and quality, increase the quality and quantity of the chain and the chain categories, increased from the aspects of