Shanghai Longfeng Optimization to consider the site conversion rate


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asked a lot of people do Shanghai dragon, what do Shanghai Longfeng do? Ten nine tell you to do is to do the ranking of Shanghai dragon. Do not wrong, Shanghai dragon is to consider the site’s ranking, but the conversion rate is one of the responsibilities of your website. Order = * site traffic website conversion rate, your ranking in front, but too little into what is the use? Maybe, the boss to finally see no orders or want you to go to the web site, the ranking also dropped, complaining has attracted the boss, is The loss outweighs the gain.. So, I suggest you to consider a good web conversion rate problem in the site before.

Design of Shanghai Dragon

many commercial websites are always anxious sites everywhere business, forcing the user to leave contact information. But users love this? Is estimated there will be some rigid requirements of the user will talk with you, but the user is and how much? "

navigation in the end is how to design, can according to their evaluation to? If you go according to this design, I can only say that your users will leave you. I am in the "network marketing plan, a ball" in detail on how to consider the demand to website marketing planning roughly explained. In fact, the website navigation design also cannot do without the needs of users. What to do? You can refer to the relevant search keywords to love Shanghai layout. For example, plastic. You love Shanghai to search the keywords you will find what appears in Shanghai home. Is there love Shanghai, hospitals, as well as some know and plastic related projects. Love Shanghai know that users demand answers. The other two also we need to dig. So you see Wyatt us will feel the layout is very reasonable.

is the title of the site you are still on the accumulation of use to the operation of the title? You still think the website description is to write about it? If you have love in Shanghai bidding personnel know, site title and description of writing is directly related to the quality of your hits, not necessarily your ranking is higher you, the click rate will be high. For example, if your website is a novel website, your title should be written to improve the click rate? We can go to love Shanghai to search keywords, see what the user needs? What are the characteristic of the website? The novel web site advertising pop up more, if you’re heading there has been no pop, you guess what your website hits will be? And love in Shanghai for the site click rate is more and more perfect, the more you can’t ignore the influence of website optimization problem.